Fluid Infusion trunk was restructured to make it easier to find, relate, and distinguish our code.

The top level directory has been renamed from "components" to "infusion". Also the project has been renamed from "fluid-components" to "fluid-infusion".

Components have all be moved into a components directory. This directory is then subdivided into directories for each of the specific components.
Framework code has been moved inside the framework directory. This directory is subdivided into core, fss, and renderer.

Demos are separated into two directories, integration-demos and standalone-demos. Integration demos consist of examples that are placed in the context. Stand-alone demos showcase the components on their own. Included in the stand-alone demos are the quick start examples, designed as a quick starting point to using some of our components.

The lib directory is home to various 3rd party software that we depend on, e.g. jQuery.

The tests directory contains the various unit tests, and manual tests for Fluid Infusion.