Testing Fluid Components

Testing Methods

Currently there are two methods of testing:

  • manual testing
    • see components panel to the right
  • unit testing

Presently doh.robot is being used as the foundation for building an automated test framework. Please see FLUID-1405 for more information.

Selenium and Windmill were being investigated for automated testing, but have been put aside for the time being. Selenium is a likely candidate for running our unit tests during the build process. Buildbot is another possible candidate to accomplish this.

Testing Environments

Reporting Bugs

Any bugs found should be reported in Jira

To reduce the chance of creating a duplicate bug report, it is a good idea to browse Jira first.

Reporting Format

All bug reports should include at least the following information

  • Title of bug report
  • The component it affects
  • The version it affects
  • A description of the bug
  • steps to reproduce the bug

Using Jira