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Ideas based on 2015 project ideas

Google Summer of Code 2015 with the Fluid Project

Data Visualization and Sonification with Infusion

Building from Fluid's fluid.model.transformWithRules() and following its Model Relay system for
connecting component endpoints, this project will build a method of connecting an Infusion app to an
arbitrary data source and transforming this data in preparation to be rendered. Too commonly data pipelines
bake in a representational schema that cannot be escaped by a further rendering engine. Otherwise, data is
put into a representational framework (ie., a visualization library) that ties the data transformations to
the specific rendering elements.

The goal of this project will be to build a functional I/O platform for data rendering so that common-type
datasources can be transferred into an application model and transformed into a generic JSON schema that can
further be given rules that transpose the data to a representation.  Be it audio or visual representations,
the platform will utilize the data in kind so as to develop a pattern for developing representational
templates that are agnostic to data sources. This will lead to a friendlier, more accessible approach to
representing data usefully to end-users. 

Ideas based on Floe Brainstorming

Floe Brainstorming 2015

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