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[07:16:54 EDT(-0400)] * Topic is 'Infusion 1.1.1 Release Testing: http://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/fluid/Release+Testing+Tasks' set by justin_o on 2009-08-10 07:16:54 EDT(-0400)
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[10:11:17 EDT(-0400)] <EverettZ> Does anyone know the current status of VULab?
[10:31:57 EDT(-0400)] * anastasiac (n=team@ has joined #fluid-work
[10:37:08 EDT(-0400)] <laurel> hi EverettZ: quick survey of the people nearby says no ... and seems that many are on vacation. Maybe send email to the list and we might get something.
[10:37:29 EDT(-0400)] <justin_o> michelled, anastasiac, and anyone else: will you have time to do some testing to today?
[10:37:53 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> yes, I'm going to do some now justin_o
[10:38:03 EDT(-0400)] <justin_o> michelled: thanks
[10:38:05 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> justin_o: I should probably make myself available (smile)
[10:38:16 EDT(-0400)] <justin_o> anastasiac: thank you too
[10:39:27 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> justin_o: so the idea is to drag tasks that I can test into my named section on the page, right? The tasks in the Available Tasks are the ones not yet assigned?
[10:40:22 EDT(-0400)] <justin_o> Yes that is correct. fj4000 was saying he was having trouble doing the drag and drop, so you may have to cut and paste in the wiki markup, or copy the text from the left to your own task list and then deleted if from the left side
[10:40:57 EDT(-0400)] <fj4000> yes, editing the markup was the fastest way for me
[10:41:12 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> ok, will do
[10:53:07 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> justin_o: is the safari testing supposed to be done on 3.2 or 4?
[10:53:29 EDT(-0400)] <justin_o> 3.2
[10:59:38 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> fj4000, justin_o: James just reminded me about the dev planning meeting that is scheduled for right now. Given the release this week and the number of people at conferences or on vacation it seems like our goals are very straight forward.
[10:59:44 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> 1. put out the release
[11:00:02 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> 2. continue with our work on Mobile FSS and the artifact components
[11:00:11 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> does that seem about right?
[11:00:20 EDT(-0400)] <fj4000> it does to me
[11:00:32 EDT(-0400)] <justin_o> michelled: i agree, seems right to me
[11:01:11 EDT(-0400)] <laurel> yup
[11:01:51 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> 3. continue with our work on the custom download component
[11:02:03 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> (sorry laurel)
[11:02:45 EDT(-0400)] <laurel> actually nothing happening on custom build this week - I've been pulled onto another project and justin_o busy with release...but back to it asap after that.
[11:03:01 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> sounds good
[11:03:03 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> apparently the designers are going to be giving us a new draft of the iPhone wireframes at the end of this week
[11:03:16 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> fj4000, I'm not sure how much change to expect there
[11:03:35 EDT(-0400)] <fj4000> I believe there is a fair bit
[11:03:47 EDT(-0400)] <fj4000> from what I gleaned from James, there is a lot of reworking
[11:04:08 EDT(-0400)] <fj4000> to allow for more "serendipity"
[11:04:41 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> sounds like more use the the screen navigator in that case.
[11:05:55 EDT(-0400)] <fj4000> i certainly hope so
[11:06:59 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> anything else you all want to talk about? I know this is a very short dev meeting but it seems like we are all on track as we push out 1.1.1
[11:08:48 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> justin_o: you good for the release? do you need more support then you've got at the moment?
[11:09:12 EDT(-0400)] <justin_o> michelled: so far so good
[11:09:17 EDT(-0400)] <fj4000> i just want to make sure we have another round of discussion about using the screen navigator component soon, michelled
[11:09:30 EDT(-0400)] <fj4000> one where Antranig is involved
[11:09:30 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> that makes sense fj4000
[11:09:48 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> do you want to try to schedule something for later this week?
[11:09:57 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> I think colinclark will be back then too
[11:10:10 EDT(-0400)] <fj4000> ok
[11:10:36 EDT(-0400)] <fj4000> I think so, but Im not 100% sure how the release manager material is supposed to play out over the week
[11:10:52 EDT(-0400)] <fj4000> so i would like to talk this week, but im not 100% sure how my time will be managed
[11:11:48 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> I think the release is supposed to be done by Thursday
[11:12:02 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> so scheduling the meeting for Friday should be fine
[11:12:12 EDT(-0400)] <fj4000> sounds good
[12:47:28 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> justin_o: in the rich text test plan: http://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/fluid/Inline+Edit+QA+Test+Plan+-+Rich+Text
[12:47:35 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> at the end of the functional section
[12:47:41 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> there is this note:
[12:47:54 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> [AMB - not sure how I can perform these two tests. How do I type a "non-Unicode character", and what sort of code?]
[12:48:18 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> I assume that for code this is enough: <script> alert("hello"); </script>
[12:48:32 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> but what do I do for the non-Unicode character?
[12:50:47 EDT(-0400)] <justin_o> michelled: that is correct for the code
[12:50:49 EDT(-0400)] <justin_o> for the non-Unicdoe character that refers to the test 7, which uses cutting and pasting in an image as an example
[12:51:50 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> so, I could right click and copy an image from the lightbox example and paste it into the editor?
[12:52:00 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> should I actually expect to see the image pasted?
[13:19:10 EDT(-0400)] <justin_o> no
[13:23:19 EDT(-0400)] <justin_o> michelled: this may be a poorly worded test
[13:23:29 EDT(-0400)] <justin_o> let me try to revise it
[13:28:09 EDT(-0400)] <justin_o> michelled: I have made a small update, please let me know if that helps... The wiki seems to be going very slowly for me right now... so the change is still saving
[13:57:43 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> justin_o, should I file new JIRAs if I find a bug that I don't see a JIRA for? It's an inline edit issue in Safari
[13:58:11 EDT(-0400)] <justin_o> anastasiac: yes please, thanks
[13:58:19 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> actually, it's an old known issue that's been fixed, but I'm still seeing it in Safari - should I re-open the old JIRA?
[13:58:48 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> http://issues.fluidproject.org/browse/FLUID-1315
[13:58:56 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> Still happening in Safari
[14:08:47 EDT(-0400)] <justin_o> anastasiac: thanks for reopening that one
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[15:09:36 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> justin_o, the inline edit test protocol says that all text should be selected on edit, but I don't see that in the announcements page. It's not browser-specific, but dependent on the page. is that a bug, or something that should be changed in the test protocol?
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[15:37:06 EDT(-0400)] <fj4000> michelled: looks like you were right
[15:37:14 EDT(-0400)] <fj4000> the wiki's back up
[15:37:23 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> ya, nice to have it back (smile)
[15:37:31 EDT(-0400)] <laurel> nakul responded quickly
[15:37:51 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> great! thanks for contacting him
[15:38:20 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> wow, looks like I got home just in time - from the look of the sky the thunder storm is about to start
[15:38:56 EDT(-0400)] <laurel> oh dear.
[15:39:38 EDT(-0400)] <fj4000> michelled: i noticed that too
[15:39:46 EDT(-0400)] <fj4000> its scortching outside
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[16:50:53 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> ave
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